Monday, August 31, 2009

Where are Téa and Dominic?

This is the first thing my seven year old, home schooled, second grader has said to me each morning for almost a week. She seems surprised each day that her siblings aren't here. I admit, it is very different. Quieter, for sure. A little lonely. Yet, somehow, we seem far more busy than ever before.

My oldest two children have entered the public school domain for the first time in their lives. They now attend a public charter school of the arts. Henceforth, they are subject to a bell schedules, school planners, timed tests, and tardy slips. It has been quite a transition for them, having home schooled exclusively for the first 10 and 6 years of their school lives. Téa, my tenth grader, seems to have fallen right into place, having no issue with homework, friends, her schedule or teachers. In fact, I think she rather enjoys the spectacle that high school can be. She painted her nails (black, of course) last night, and covered her belt with orange duck tape to honor her first day of Conservatory classes at OCHSA. OCHSA stands for Orange County High School of the Arts, a school that not only provides a high school education, but allows students to pursue excellence in their field of art. For Téa, that field is creative writing.

For my son, the shift to public school has been a little more bumpy. He has found many kindred spirits to befriend, but the idea of a timed schedule has been a little daunting. He expects so much of himself that trying to please eight teachers instead of just one (me) is a pressure that is new and uncomfortable. But at the tender age of twelve, he has shown much maturity in navigating the bureaucracy that is a high school, changing his class schedule and finding his way through the physical labyrinth of OCHSA. His conservatory is called Integrated Arts, a group that explores many avenues of art, including writing, film making, dance, voice, and acting - his passion.

So, while the mornings are a bit quieter and our schedule now more full with our carpool duties, my youngest - my home schooler - has my undivided attention. The fact that her first question is always about her siblings, though, may not bode well for me!


  1. How adorable! It will be kinda sad when she stops asking. Is she basking in the limelight of all of mommy's attention? So glad to see you posting again.

  2. Update!! :) How are they doing now?


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