Sunday, November 22, 2009


Time to move along - no more bitching, at least for a few days. Time for work! Time for fun! Time to eat! Yum!!

Or perhaps just time to type. Not only is blogging cathartic but it puts off those dreary household chores that never why not? LOL

A friend once told me that the age of 44 was the nadir of your life. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm thinking that my advance toward that palindrome is explaining my scrabbling and struggling. The good thing about approaching that low point is quite soon, I'm sure, the direction of this downswing will turn, climbing upward and onward. See? Life is a parabola! At least that's my theory ;)

If my life can be expressed as a quadratic equation - yes, Téa, all life leads back to quadratics! - then perhaps I am:



a=44, the nadir of life,

b=-2, the balance of the amount of sleep I have each night and,

c=3, the number of my children.

Hence, my life can be represented thus:

Hmmmmm......maybe I should go make another pot of coffee??


  1. No more coffee for you! You are making me realize I am going to really have to step up my game when these little tykes venture onward into those scary educational territories of higher math (and by higher I mean numbers which contain a thousands place or anything at all resembling a formula or containing symbols not recognizable by a 2nd grader)...

  2. The best part is my eccentricity is equal to 1 - a WHOLE - meaning I'm WHOLELY eccentric, as opposed to only partially so.....;-D


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